Valeriia Temkina
interdisciplinary artist
City of residence: Saint Petersburg
Actual projects:
Residence in Switzerland from the Pro Helvetia Foundation, November-December 2023

Won the selection of residents with the Verdingkinder project - children who were taken from single mothers, the poor, Gypsies and other segments of the population, and given to foster families and shelters. This lasted from the end of the 19th century until the 1960s.

Part of the residency was held in Bern, part in Kaserne in Basel.

Online exhibition (film photographs, cycle "Hontology")
Online exhibition ("Flashcards" - polaroids)

The goal of the project is to write a play about this phenomenon in 2024.

In addition, was engaged in the study of material culture and the properties of memory through the study of flea markets.

Support letter from "Pro Helvetia"

Cartoon "Once upon a Christmas" for Theos Media

screenwriter, curator of the project

Residence at the Artkommunalka Museum. Yerofeyev and others", Kolomna
Won the international grant competition in 2022.
During the month in Kolomna: wrote a play and prepared the exhibition "Pack up" - the history of objects through the eyes of Kolomna residents.

The play «Alexander Nikolaevich, dear»

In the framework of a scholarship for talented youth from the Union of Theatrical Figures.

The basis of the play was a modern meeting of the Book Club dedicated to the "Penniless", and an additional plot is the last year of Ostrovsky's life and his relationship with his own characters. Authentic letters and diary entries of the playwright, questionnaires from dating sites and even posts from a women's forum find their place in this text.

Оther projects

- The play "The River of Bones" (shortlist of the competition from the theater "Saturday"), 2021.
- A play based on Chekhov's notebooks and his father's diary, "Magnificent Rain" (shortlist of the Chekhov Pop Fiction Laboratory, 2020. With this idea, she participated in the pitching of the Suzdal Animation Festival from ASPI (short, 2023) and in the competition from imprint A+A (long))
- The play (Not)superfluous things about the things left and gone (won the Hunting for Reality festival in Theater.doc ). Read the play.
- Sketch, "The bar "Remembrance" in the laboratory of the Moscow Regional Puppet Theater, 2021.
- The play "Putsch, birds and Ghosts", shortlisted for the contest "Why do I remember this?" from the Yeltsin Center;
- participant of the laboratory "From writer to screenwriter" in Peredelkino, 2023;
- participant of the musical laboratory from the Theater-Theater in Perm, 2022;
- longlist of the short film competition "Sast", 2023.
- participant of the laboratory for writers in Veliky Novgorod (section "dramaturgy")
Collection of plays, 2021, collection of plays, 2023
- the author of scripts for non-fiction animation for the studio "Put out the Lights"


Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Social Sciences, History (2006-2010);
St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Journalism, Design in the Media (2010-2012)
HSE, project Management for social Projects,advanced training, 2015
graduate school of the Faculty of Sociology of St. Petersburg State University (Culture and Communication), 2016-2019
Lectures and teaching:

- "From the history of industrial architecture of St. Petersburg: from the depot to the gas tank" in the Open Living Room of the library named after Lermontov
- The course "Gastronomic journalism" at the Rzhevskaya library;
- "1824: St. Petersburg goes under the water" in the Open Living room of the library Lermontov's
- "The History of the Muruzi Mansion: Brodsky left the house" in the Open Living Room of the library Lermontov's
- drama classes for children.
- moderator of the discussion after the performance "No woman, no cry" by the Invisible Theater.

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